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We have performed weddings at various locations such as private homes and parks.

Below are some of the venues that we recommend as a beautiful backdrop to your wedding. Bed and Breakfast/meeting rooms
Beautiful rooms inside just like a home. Nice outdoor area.
Very expensive, weddings can be performed 'onstage' but you will need a sound system, large red curtain as a backdrop. They do have smaller rooms available but I have not been into them.
Beautiful site for weddings but beware of the sun! It beats down from the west if your wedding is outside.
Beautiful loft with bar area, bridal changing area, dance floor. Very neat venue and perfect location in the heart of downtown KC with plenty of nightspots around.
Beautiful hall decorated like an old barn. Very nice staff. Country in the city!
Public Park maintained by the City of Kansas City. Ceremonies can be held in the rose garden though you have to book a year in advance. Other beautiful 'free' areas in the park are beautiful for small weddings. Be leary of the sun though depending on the time of day of your ceremony.